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February Random Acts of Kindness Month

February is the National Random Acts of Kindness Month, making it the perfect opportunity to reinforce compassion and empathy in your child. Performing a random act of kindness is exactly what it sounds like: deliberately attempting to brighten someone else's day by doing something kind for no specific reason. 

Please share the calendar posted with your student and see how many random acts of kindness your family can complete in a month. 

At Douglass Elementary, our School Counselor, Mrs. Thackston, will read the book, The Kindness Snowflake, by Jen Brewer to the students. Then, the students will create a large snowflake and when they see a student complete an act of kindness that student’s name will be written on the snowflake and displayed throughout the school.  By the end of February we hope to be a winter wonderland.

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